Are You Ready to Grow?

Welcome to this journey to deepen your knowledge of the Word of God and strengthen your walk with the Lord through daily Bible study!  This is an opportunity that I am sharing with you because almost 40 years ago, I was presented this offer through the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club program, and that year changed my life!  Until that time, I had not established a regular Bible study routine.  It seemed overwhelming to me to study the Bible.  I had made some attempts now and then but found some areas too difficult to understand – even confusing –  so I gave up.

NOT studying the Bible had not-so-pleasant consequences.  I struggled in my relationship with God – some days up, seemingly many days down even though we attended church several times a week.  Some refer to this as a “yo-yo” Christian life.  What I was missing is that I had not understood what it means to become a “disciple” of Jesus Christ through knowing His Word.  When I received this challenge to read through the Bible, I somehow knew that this was the Lord speaking to me about deepening my relationship with Him through studying His Word.

That year started me on a life-long journey of having a daily “quiet time” with Jesus and it has been the my source of experiencing real life in Christ.  I am amazed at how I have felt the Lord speaking to me on a regular basis through my study specifically about things going on in my life.  Sometimes correcting, sometimes assuring.  Many times giving me the direction I needed to face a life issue.

Studying God’s Word causes my life to be transformed as my mind is renewed (Romans 12:1-2; II Corinthians 5:17),  increases my faith (Romans 10:17), and gives me the ability to actually know who God is and especially who He wants to be TO ME, in me, and through me (Hebrews 4:12; Ps. 119).  I have continued that Bible study routine for all these years – sometimes not making it through the entire Bible, but having a regular Bible study time nevertheless.

There’s a hunger inside each of us to know God, our heavenly Father and His son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  How do we do that?  He gave us His Word!  John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  When you open your heart and hunger for God’s Word, He eagerly comes to fill us.

The Bible is an amazing treasure for us as believers, but that treasure cannot be appreciated or fulfill its purpose until it is opened and partaken of.  Reading through the Bible is one way to establish a pattern of regular Bible study.  As we go through this journey together, we can encourage one another to overcome any obstacles that we may confront.

Now, making a commitment for a “daily Bible study” does not mean that you will not miss some days.  Those days will always happen, but what we are working towards is “most” days we spend time with the Lord in His Word.  It’s not a legal contract.  It’s a decision that being active in studying the Bible is a vital part of your Christian life.

Whatever your life looks like right now – a season of enjoying God’s blessings or if you are facing some mountains to climb, His Word will bring you close to His heart for inspiration, comfort, direction, correction (oops – did I say that??), and a confidence that our God is faithful, loves us like no one on earth ever can, and has a specific plan and purpose for each of us.

I will attempt to be a companion through the journey to encourage you to keep on keeping on, attempt to answer questions (or ask Pastor Tom to answer them for me!), and connect you to other fellow journeymen and women.  There is strength in numbers!

It’s a new year – a fresh start.  What better time to encounter God and give Him the opportunity to change our lives!  Here’s all you have to do:

  • Get your Bible reading guide at Summit Springs Church or I can email it to you at your request – you can contact me through the comment section at the bottom of this post.  The guide we are using is chronological (historical order) and has an Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb reading for each day.  OR you might choose to read a chapter a day in the New Testament (maybe adding in the sections of Psalms and Proverbs) which will take you through the entire New Testament in a year.
  • Get a Bible you would like to study from – it really doesn’t matter what translation (contact me if you have questions) although I do not recommend the King James because of the difficult language.   There are several good study Bible options.
  • It’s also a good idea to have a Bible program on your phone or ipad for times you can’t be with your regular study Bible.  Many on-line Bible resources  have mobile Aps such as YouVersion, Bible Gateway, and CBN Bible.  The Blue Letter Bible website or Bible Ap is our favorite – has great commentaries, dictionaries, and a variety of translations.
  •  I must say that I think it is very important for most of your study to be with your physical Bible so you can write notes in it and highlight scriptures that stand out to you.  Those notes will be so valuable to you years from now!  The Bible on CD or an Ap on your phone that you can listen to is also great for times in the car (should not be your only source, once again).
  • Speaking of “marking,” it’s important also to have a good Bible highlight pen handy.
  • Click “follow” at the bottom of this page and you will be notified through email that there is a new blog post regarding our study.  They will not all be as long as this one!  🙂  You can also post comments or questions for our little community to share together.

I’m praying for you and excited for the journey ahead for you, friends!

Blessings on your journey,


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  1. Kaylene Smith says:

    Follow God’s Word for 2017..

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